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Bitumen tank



Битумовоз and bitumen tankers for transporting

For transportation of bitumen are only specially made for these purposes vehicles - bitumen tanks and bitumen cars. Structurally, it semitrailer-tank, mounted on a car chassis. Bitumen cars have a very special design. Physical characteristics of bitumen not allow the use for transportation of any other motor vehicles. Only at certain temperatures bitumen stored in жидкообразном condition, and the temperature is lowered below a certain value, bitumen freezes. And in this situation can cause problems with the upload, if you do not use bitumen tanks constructed specifically for the transportation of bitumen.


Key features of bitumen tank trucks, which are necessary for normal transportation of bitumen, are the following:

• in битумовозах is equipped with double walls;
• between the walls of the heat-insulating layer is implemented (fit mineral wool)

Download bitumen in accordance with the technological standards by gravity at a temperature of 180 degrees C. So the temperature of bitumen maintained during carriage on the right level, heat insulating layer in the tank битумовоза must be in good condition. When transportation of bitumen is carried out at large distances, tank mounted additional devices - heating elements that maintain the set temperature mode for the entire journey битумовоза.


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