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2014 the year of the GOOD WOLF!!!


     Today  GuteWolf   this:

·  Maximum care You, from the first minutes of communication with the seller!

·  the Desire to do welcome client!

·  Own manufacturing cement, fuel tankers, bitumen tank trucks and food tanks!

·  Exclusive distributor axis SERTEL!

·  Daily improvement quality about theдукцAI!

·  Maximum quick time on the orders of any complexity and the presence standard positions!!!

·   - support customer and own warehouse spare parts!

·  Active social position (member of RF chamber of Commerce

GuteWolf – You can always count on us! 


 Offer You to see the Production GuteWolf (tank, bitumen cars, food tanks)



 a Video report from the exhibition COMTRANS 2013 (Moscow)


 we invite You to see Production GuteWolf 



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Dear businessmen and carriers!

Dear businessmen and carriers!

   For You, we have worked with several factories and thousands of clients through negotiations and numerous sales, perfectly studied the question of the quality really need You - the Russian carrier. The most detailed realize You need to not waste your time and nerves on clarifying the issue of warranty this is the case or not? For You we did a great job – a string in a few years, through trial and error many Turkish factories, their employees, their equipment which made tank trucks, cement, bitumen cars and much more! Our engineers made their adjustments in drawings and equipment semitrailers, so they confidently went on roads of our vast country and довозили your cargo from point a to point B, lossless, without Your wasted time and effort!
   In the end, we have created and patented brand for You. Mark, in which we have invested a lot of their ideas, dreams, plans and funds. And all this only to the question of any owner of the business, the carrier or driver mark of a tank truck, cement or битумовоза you  exploiting?  the answer was   GuteWolf !!! 

ГутеВольф - quality, reliability and stability! Choose гутевольф!


   , LLC "БизнесАвтоТорг» is a Russian company specializing in the sale semitrailers-cisterns for all purposes brand Huta wolf and used semi-trailers of the leading world manufacturers. And  We guarantee the quality of our products.









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