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Mukovoza GuteWolf.

Tank GuteWolf for transportation of flour.


«Mukovoza transport for transportation of bulk cargo

 What is this vehicle - mukovoza? Let's try most fully disassemble this question.

First, note that the fact that those who considers, that it is only intended for transportation of bakery products - very mistaken - they can be transported and many other bulk products. The contents of the tank unloaded as well as with other specialized means of transport - by means of compressed air. The unloading with special compressor, which is installed on the frame of the trailer (semi-trailer). Mukovoza can have multiple axes - from one to three, and the strength of their carrying capacity can be from nine to thirty-two tons, with regard to capacity - from 13 to 55 cubic meters of Suspension flour transports also differentiated depending on their type - unified, the basic spring suspension, pneumatic or sprung. Packing list. The main part of the муковоза.

The main комплектационные elements муковоза is, first of all, cistern which, as a rule, must be made of steel, low alloy) or on the basis of aluminium alloy. Also, the structure of this semi-trailer (trailer) should include: spring suspension, specialized compressors, pipelines (in priority and pneumatic). Usually the upper part of the tank has several unloading hatches, the number of which varies from 2 to 10, depending on the size of the trailer - муковоза. The tank shall be completely sealed, the upper part is equipped with a special platform (usually metal) with the necessary, convenient hand-rails. Such a site intended for the operator to be provided with adequate safety during handling (loading - unloading flour)That touches the bottom of flour transports, here must be placed special cones (45 gr. - angle of inclination), by means of which the unloading of flour products or other materials (of course - bulk). Number of cones can be very different - from 1 to 8 - all depends on the size of the tank муковоза. On a semi-trailer inter alia must be installed specialized compressor unit (screw, piston, rotary) - a domestic or foreign sample (no particular difference). Such a device can be installed as on the front and back of муковоза. Compressor, which we have already started it, may be formed as an additional device independent drive. In some cases, the compressor can be operated through a system of PTO.

Mukovoza is effective, reliable and cost-effective, provided the fact that you will properly operate.

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